Pipe Organ Design Casework

About Us

In 2008 Noel Gallo established the first organ building and design studio in Malta (Europe) under the trade name ‘NG Pipe Organ Design’ specialising in organ building design works. He has been in increasing demand working with many leading organ builders worldwide which brought him to be entrusted to work on various projects of significant importance. Examples can be found in Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, China and Malta.

He studied Solo Piano performance with the Trinity College of Music London and also organ performance. Organ building studies took him to travel around the world to specialise in this art where he learned organ restoration and up-grading practice mainly in UK and new organ design and construction in Germany.

Studied Architecture, Drafting, Quantity Surveying and Internet Marketing, also, he gained qualifications in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

He regularly plays in churches in his native country for services and various concerts, also in other European countries which frequently he is invited to participate in musical cultural activities.

Noel is a member of The International Society of Organbuilders (ISO) and has contributed articles for publication and addressed various organisations and conferences including The Institute of British Organ building (IBO) and the St Alban's International Organ Festival as well as giving more informal lectures and demonstrations.