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NG Pipe Organ Design was founded in 2008 by the Maltese organ builder and designer Noel Gallo. It was established to assist organ builders, organists, churches and others organizations in all aspects of organ building matters.


Noel’s expertise has been in increasing demand, allowing him to work on a worldwide basis with many leading organ builders.  He has been entrusted to work on various significant and prestigious projects, of which examples may be found in Germany, The United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, China, and Malta.


He studied organ performance and also Solo Piano Performance with Trinity College of Music, London.  Related organ building studies have given him the opportunity for global travel allowing him to specialize in organ restoration and up-grading, mainly in the United Kingdom and new organ design and construction in Germany.  Additionally, Noel has studied Architecture, Drafting, Quantity Surveying and Internet Marketing, also, gaining qualifications in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.


Playing regularly in his native Malta, in churches and other concert venues, Noel is frequently invited to participate in other musical activities throughout Europe.

Noel Gallo organ designer
Noel Gallo organ designer

Noel is a warranted organ restorer and a member of The International Society of Organ Builders. He has contributed articles for publication and frequently addresses various organizations and conferences.  These have included The Institute of British Organ Building, and the St. Alban’s International Organ Festival, as well as giving more informal lectures and demonstrations at national and international level. 


As a studio, our aim is to offer support in organ project matters from a background that covers different experiences in architectural and organ building coupled with a strong technical basis.  We believe this approach ultimately offers a highly cost-effective and time-saving service, whilst incorporating the best elements of visual and aural artistry for organ building projects.

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