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Casework & Console design

One of the most important phases of organ planning is an effective casework design that reflects the great piece of art that is at the heart of the project and that will continue to show this for generations to come.  Several things can be utilized to create a good casework design, including a professional and meticulous study of the clients' wishes and the building in which the organ is to be placed.  We could draw the casework based on the organ builder’s or client's sketch ideas, or we can create a unique design that incorporates all the criteria involved to give the best outcomes for the aesthetical and practical design that ensures a feasible and competitive work.  In addition to the casework, we can offer more extensive detail, such as console / keydesk design, following all the required standards, as well as other additional parts that may be needed to highlight an innovative and practical console.  We go the extra mile to ensure that every organ leaves its mark and that each will have that unique design with the most practical and comfortable playing features. The drawings are presented as two or three-dimensional line drawings and also in 3D visualization drawings for presentation purposes.

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