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When undertaking an organ project, sometimes a tailor-made part will be necessary that needs to meet required specifications or needs that require extra attention to design and quality.  This is where our specialist knowledge and service can assist in providing the highest standard of parts to cater for the specific project needs.  We assist our clients by providing custom-made parts for specific design and material requirements.  Every part is meticulously designed and detailed by us to the highest standards and is made in collaboration with specialist craftsmen using the best materials and techniques.  These craftsmen follow our guidance step by step to ensure a truly personalized part is crafted for the best instrument fit.  Every part is detailed on the specific order or quote request.

Listed below is a selection of the parts that we can assist with:


  • Consoles

  • Pedalboards

  • Benches

  • Casework

  • Bellows

  • Blower cabinet

  • Windchests (all actions)

  • Other items include; Draw knobs of wood or metal, wooden thumb pistons, mechanical action parts, puffer/pneumatic motors, Pneumatic motors, Console displays, and any other Console parts.

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